Protect your e-mail account.
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Dear Users !

Before reading this article, make sure you have enabled 2-factor authorization and added a trusted IP address into the IP address white list (only if you have a static IP). These two options are the most effective protection for your account.

Most user account captures begin with an attack on its email accounts. Access to e-mail by third-party, may lead to a complete loss of control over the account of the BTC-e.
E-mail account is very important security object and must be protected very strong.

This article shows one of many ways, how to protect your e-mail account.

  1. Don`t use for registration of BTC-e account your regular e-mail, create a new one with STRONG password;
  2. Chose email provider with two factor authentication support *;
  3. Enable  two factor authentication immediately, after creation of email. ;
  4. Don`t use SMS for two factor authentication;
  5. Make backup QR code; recovery codes shouldn't be kept on local PC, the best way is to print them and keep in a safe place;
  6. Don`t use any mail programs for collection of your emails from mail server, don`t store emails locally! Or take additional actions to protect mail store (encrypt email programs or move them to encrypt drive, etc);
  7. Add all information (additional email, phone number, etc) for quick restoring the email if you lost control on it:;
  8. Regular check forwarding rules and application access *
  9. Disable POP, IMAP access * ;
  10. Regular check security events  ;
  11. Don`t open email in non trusted environment ( open fi-wi, public PC );
  12.  Support of BTC-e never asks your e-mail password or any additional information about email security settings ( additional e-mail, phone number, onetime password, etc). 

NOTE ! If you have plans for long holidays, business trip or something else, please request to block your account for a limited period of time

NOTE ! If you have the slightest suspicion that your e-mail is compromised:
  1. Check access to your BTC-e account, request to block your account for a limited period of time (2, 3 days);
  2. Create request to BTC-e support to "Account - hacked" department;
  3. Check access to your e-mail account. If you have access to e-mail account, than use the above recommendations as check list for a test of your email account settings.

If email provider doesn`t provide these features, STRONGLY recommended NOT USE THAT MAIL SERVICE!

GMAIL service is just a example, BTC-e does not impose the use of this service, leaving the final decision for the user.
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